How much does it cost to ship a chicken?

He went to a home in Texas

Last year I ran into trouble because a neighbor complained about the crowing with several visits from animal control – even though we life in a fully agriculturally zoned area. Since I am renting,  it was suggested to get rid of all but 2 roosters. I could not bring myself to get those roosters killed and tried to find homes for them – not an easy thing as became obvious. I was successful with several of them. Much was learned in all of that, not the least about the actual cost of shipping roosters via airmail  – here is a blog-post about it – it is on the blog site I had before this website – here is the  link -> How much does it cost to ship chickens?

The Hoʻoponopono prayer – a practial test

This may not – at first glance, have anything to do with chicken-keeping  but it is very related to the practice I described previously which was, at least in part – inspired by my experiences and realizations during chicken keeping. This is pretty much transferred from a personal blog post – so please google-folks and robots, don’t punish me – it is my own stuff – just trying to reach chicken lovers too or anyone concerned with the way things are going for the natural world on the earth. Thank you.

During the course of my work with animals in recent years and expanding to plants, and on the basis of all the other things I had learned in my life, I had come to a place where it seemed to not make sense to have to kill anything to sustain my body. Around that time, I came across the description of sun-gazing – and BOOM – I started that week…and very quickly realized that I would never be able to complete this if certain emotional and mental states persisted, never mind how “right” I felt. This is when I remembered the modern Hoʻoponopono (ho-o-pono-pono) prayer, its origin being an ancient Hawaiian practice.

When do some google-ing- you will eventually  find the story about the psychiatrist and the modern form of this practice/prayer and what happened to the psych ward full of crazy people. When you read the story – and I take it as true – you will be floored.
I had dabbled in using the prayer way back sometime, but the level of urgency and necessity, the relentless burning to BE, to walk this earth in a way to not cause any unnecessary harm to any sentient creature – my love for animals and plants – had me face it for real.
The thing about this prayer is: YOU are ultimately responsible – not just for your personal individual self actions, but all of it.
The adaptation of the practice is this prayer,  4 little phrases – to be said in any order – with the person or group of people in mind you need to make things right with – within your-self.

I love you.
I am sorry.
(Please ) Forgive me.
Thank you.

Seeing all others as part of my own Self … is what enabled me to do it with someone whose actions had caused me great pain. It does not make the actions right …but that is, frankly, irrelevant in this process. It is about  YOUR inner state – and the knowing, that unless that changes – nothing in the outer will change. I should say that it took a mere days for the effect to manifest. It is still a process, yes, but a big obstacle has been left behind. I don’t think it will turn me into a very patient person any time soon …but I am liking this effect of the prayer.

First snow

I have since then, on occasion, put groups of people there who do those abominable things to animals, plants and the environment that is killing our very mother –  earth – who, like the sun, is also a Being.

I do work with non-physical guides too, but this prayer – and to be able to say it for real – feeling in your heart –  is a test of your spiritual practice.

An interesting observation is: when I first stated it, I kept wanting to say: I forgive you …but no –  is goes: Forgive me ….when you feel like YOU have been wronged. I know it makes no sense ….and you won’t ever know that it does – unless you try. …and when you discover why – that is another step on your path.

Much Love