Badly torn earlobe on a rooster

TORN EARLOBE at the insertion point….Never a dull moment. Yesterday, 2 of the roosters resettled their pecking order.

All was resolved, Blondie won. However, just before roost time i noticed the upper attachment of one of the earlobes of our Blue Andalusian (Blue Jr) was torn off..

This was leaving the entire earlobe pouch wide open. geez.

I was late, getting dark, I had no help.

All I could do was clean and apply Manuka honey to the edge and then a dressing (despite hobbled, he had scratched the steri-strips off in 3 seconds, which is when I knew I had to hobble him tighter).

Things looked ok this morning, but the wound edge was already hard and would have had to be re-cut to suture. Still without help, i opted to not do that, but re-dress. Will try to at least take one picture tomorrow. BTW. the wattles will heal. Anything black will fall off. That is just the way it goes.

BTW, I did redress this one a little looser.

None of the few images online on chicken earlobe tears were anything near as bad or such unfortunate location as this guy’s earlobe. So I thought I’ll keep a public record.