Mamas and Baby Chicks

My first batch of chickens had not yet turned 1 year and all of them as well as the 8 months olds are supposed to be the non-broody kind, alas, 3 of them went broody within 12 days of each other. After figuring out what to do with any males, which I am unable to keep, gave them some eggs to sit on and the adventure began.

So far it has been great and the sub-pages are here to tell you what I know about hatching chicks with hens. The links below will become active as I post the answers and comments.

What is a broody hen and how can I tell?

Do I need to move a broody to a special place?

Can I successfully move a broody hen?

How many eggs should I give my broody?

When is a good time to give a broody eggs?

My hen is not eating – is she gonna die sitting on her eggs?

What is candling and do I really need to do it?

What should I feed a broody hen?

How many days till the chicks hatch?

Should I help the chicks to hatch?

What should I feed the little chicks?

When should I let the mama out with her chicks?

How long will the chicks stay with their mamas?

I have 3 mamas – and they don’t seem to get along – what should I do?

How many roosters will I get from a hen hatched clutch?

How soon can I tell whether the chicks are male or female?

Roosters are not permitted here – What do I do with the male chicks?

How soon will the chicks need a roost?

How soon do chicks go out free ranging?

How do I integrate chicks and mamas into the flock?

I have too many broodies, what can I do?