Meyer lemon – sprouted seed in what soil?

These were the strongest sprouted seedlings of my first Meyer lemon – they did not make it ­čÖü

So my first Meyer lemon seeds sprouted beautifully – even some of the not completely peeled versions. I made up soil from what was around in the garden …and …though 2 hung on for weeks…they did not make it. The soil turned out too compact, my watering probably was not adequate and when I did, it didn’t drain right – I am so sorry little guys …

so ehm – SOIL MATTERS a lot – like you didn’t know that. I had not wanted to buy anything but happened to have bought something for a friend of mine’s grape plant and the dogs got ahold of the bag and ripped it open … so my second Meyer lemon seed seedlings had better luck.

They too had sprouted beautifully, though the unpeeled seeds did not with this one! (-> better to peel the seeds) This time I mixed soil containing bumper crop (includes chicken poo, bat guano, forest floor kelp and those root nourishing fungi) and mixed it with the native garden soil and some sand… watering it daily, good drainage – and it is going well so far. I did buy a plant light bulb – since I had an old fixture and the room is pretty dark most of the day.

meyer lemon seedlings
Just transferred to the pot
One of the 3 seeds that seem to be making it from the second Meyer lemon. This a few days after transfer into the pot.
2 of the 3 infant Meyer lemons are under a protective cover part of the time