Watering plants when water is precious

Without water, nothing will grow. Here are 2 water saving ways to do gardening you might want to start building.

You soil can be the best there is, without water, nothing is gonna grow. In a time or climate where water is precious and hard to come by or funds for irrigation/drip systems limited – here are some water saving watering of plants that might work – if you set it up right.

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The Hugelkultur

Tips build in the summer and fall, or, anytime, but it is nice if you have time for it to settle, and, in case you don;t have quite enough materials for the top, to keep adding to it and let it all mature during the wintertime. Dig out at least 1 foot, lay out WELL with big logs and then layer the branches and twigs tight, the sod you dug up may not be enough – make sure you have straw, compost, chicken coop litter ready. Point being, in order for the water saving to work, you got to have the wood in there !!!! duh. ­čÖé


Building one

How to build a Hugel

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The Earth – Olla

Clay Ollas

Non glazed clay pots for VERY efficient irrigation

Make your own ollas

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Using ollas

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